About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an E-learning platform that allow everyone to learn various courses online. For sometime ago we have discovered that so many E-learning platforms are always pricing their courses high, that’s why we have made ours affordable to ensure education is provided to everyone, we always try to define equality in what we do.

rifera technology education

Who We Are

Rifera Technology Enterprises is a conglomerate company in Nigeria founded by Mr. Rami Jammal. Rifera Technology is made up of different entities which include Real Estate listing, Private Jet Charter, E-Learning, E-commerce, Web and development, Cyber Blog websites. 

Rifera Technology provide World-class services to clients technologically with dedication and professionalism in order to guarantee clients’ satisfaction. 

Rifera Technology Enterprises has been proven expertise and 8+ years of experience in the Technology sector. Over the years Rifera Technology have built several projects for companies to connect globally online. 

Rifera Technology prominently strive to make things easier for clients by connecting their businesses online.

We keep developing more projects, we keep moving forward, we don’t give up, even though we face obstacles & barriers along the way, we don’t allow them to hold us back, great things requires greater work, dedication and efforts.

– Rami Jammal

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